How much is your pool worth? It depends where you live – Palm Beach Post (blog)

Listing site Trulia anayzed homes with regard to sale as well as established which in Palm Beach County, sellers using pools requested ten percent greater than sellers with regard to similar homes without pools.


Markets exactly where house pools are typical along with possibly expected will not get as huge of your price impact as markets exactly where they are less common, stated Trulia spokeswoman Daisy Kong.

In 1 caveat, Trulia didnt truly take a look best robotic pool cleaner at listings to learn if that these people had pools. Your site merely looked to see whether pool was mentioned inside the listing.

How a lot is the pool worth? In Which depends, but in Palm Beach County, home sellers inquire to get a ten % markup upon homes with automatic pool cleaners pools.

The pool premium was all more than the map, ranging from the lowest associated robotic pool cleaner with six percent inside Fort Lauderdale to end up being able to a high involving 19 % within Fort Myers.